Hey young world.


Welcome welcome.

Have a seat, make yourself comfortable, mi casa is su casa.

I want to welcome you to my very own Halfcourt Lounge; a mixture of stories, musings, travels, and basically a hub for all things Sugar D. I felt like 140 words wasn’t always giving the full feel of me, ya dig?

I’m still putting this baby together, but I’d pay attention as it takes shape. My twitter feed is of course to the right and so far, two links exist….Chikara, my home and pride to be apart of and Hot Chocolate.

No, I’m not coming on to you.

Its the name of my official online store that’ll sell my merch and some other random goods. So supporting it is supporting me. Well, that and rabid imagination.

So it’s a pleasure to share a bigger part of you all with me. Stick around, more in store.

Oh, some dates for my fans out there….

April 17th @ Full Impact Pro in Crystal River, Florida.
April 23rd-25th @ Chikara Pro’s King of Trios in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Expect more from me soon, the beauty of this mobile technology (pagers anyone?) makes these things easier to put out than ever.

BTW, if you see no merch in Hot Chocolate, that’s because there is none….yet. That is soon to change.

Hoopin ~Ol’ Boy Dunksimage


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