Never forget where you came from….

Two years goes by so fast…unless you make bad decisions, then it’s just long and annoying.

I digress.

I was going through the ol’ Youtube after my reel to reel crapped out (on the best part of Black Belt Jones too) and found this in the Wayback Machine, one of my first few matches for Alternative Pro Wrestling ( and their Youtube channel @ one of the hardest working indies in the South.

This was in the formative stages of what would come to be ol’ Sugar D and my opponent is Dany Only (misspelled in vid). Was his first match in Georgia and he was mad solid. Looking back at these, it makes me smile at the spit shine I’ve gotten since the early Royston days as Kareem Abdul Jamar to the guy I am now, Sugar Dunkerton.

Its raw. But for fans of progress and how things begin, its definitely worth a look. Your boy very well may be bringing back some of the things you see…namely, the spirit.

And peep how Young Simba my fro is :p It had yet to refine into the microphone cap that is my hair now.

Enjoy – Dunks


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