Feeling good, feeling great, how are you?

Chiming in from the lovely home of Lexie Fyfe (thank you for your hospitality madam) I gotta say that last night was just a ball. FIP returned in force and their fanbase still had love for them without question. Always a good sign when you gotta add seating.

Believe it or not, that was my first match in Florida and your boy was a bundle of nerves hoping I’d put on a show worth being asked back. The order of the day was a 6 way Scramble featuring moi, Caleb Konley, STIGMA, Craig Classic, Johnny The Vandal, and Ronnie The Red.

Twas a crazy affair, limbs and bodies flying everywhere; but unfortunately, Konley shut me down with his finish in a close sprint to the finish. Tasted defeat, but ever sweeter that I got asked back and look to make FIP a regular destination!! Applebees always taste better with a bit of success sprinkled on top 🙂

So far, this weekend has been far out; but can’t wait to get home to my movie collection, NBA playoffs, and the season finale of Spartacus Blood and Sand, the most violently beautiful show on any channel.

To mah Floridians getting your first taste of Sugar, your hospitality was welcome and it can only get crazier, I promise that.

OH, Brad Allen fears magic marker. I saw it with these two eyes. ;p

Trios is on the way and I’m so ready. I’ve been tweaking and staying on it to make this debut worth watching. We making history baby!

Anyone hotter than Moxley right now? He’s getting weighed down by gold and he’s now added the FIP belt to a list of achievements that may stand unmatched. If you get a chance to see his battle with Roddy Strong, please witness.

Either way, hoping to hit a Hardees and catch some needed rest. NO STOPPING TIL PHILLY!



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