Things That Make Me Happy.


It’s been a bit before I’ve dropped that good bloggery on your head, but I guess it’s that time. Busy busy days for me and I’m on the comeback from what I have to describe as a rough week. The best I can say on it is this…

An opinion is just that. An opinion. The day you start believing your opinion is cold hard fact is the day you probably should never speak again. I mean ever.


Anyway, I decided I was just gonna make a random list of the things that make your boy happy. Nothing complicated, just some bullet points of hapiiness for yours truly.

-drum roll-


– Visiting places I’ve never been and being surprised by places I thought I knew.

– Underdogs pulling out seemingly impossible victory.

– The Atlanta Hawks looking like a real threat as a basketabll team after all these years.

– The rush of coming through that curtain and feeling big love.

– Tony Luke’s. There’s no other Philly cheesesteak for me.

– My DVD collection. Especially when it’s mindless hours of kung-fu and action movies back to back to back killing brain cells.

– Setting a goal and by hook or crook actually completing it.

– Kid’s being kids. And by that, I mean when they’re being rascals…not little dirtbags. The dirtbags get dealt with. Dirtbag kids turn to dirtbag adults. :p

– Her smile. She know’s exactly who I’m talking about.

– Freshly washed afro. EXPERIENCE THE FEELING~!

– Any of my mentors telling me how proud they are of me.

– Silencing a hater. The words they have to eat being the most bitter meal they’ll ever have.

– Cartoons from 1980’s to about 2000. Once everything beacame too anime influenced…I just gave up. Give my the Fox Kids lineup anyday.

– Fresh pair of Chucks.

– Hot Chocolate. The drink and the clothing line CHEAP PLUG~! But awesome stuff and only growning.

– Justified, Spartacus Blood and Sand, The Penguins of Madagascar, Glee (yea I said it. I’ll fight a fool over this.), and The Cleveland Show. I don’t get time for TV, but they make me thankful for Tivo.

– My bed after a long journey on the road.

– Wacky t-shirts

– Appreciative fans. Whenever you can effect someone and make yourself a vessel to believe in something, it’s truly special.

– Every step closer to something better.

– Chicken in all its forms. Stereotypical, I know. Don’t care.

-A good workout set to the Rocky 4 or Transformers The Movie (1986 not that bull they’re passing for it now) soundtrack. How can you NOT want to work hard like you’re in a montage?

-Aloe Vera juice from the Mexican Grocery Store right near the ECW Arena. My addiction.

-Bonefish Grill. Any meal as long as Creme Brule’ comes after.

-Jokes that make the room go “OOOoooooooooooo”

And that’s all I got. For now.

Wanna get at me? is the word, not the bird as I’ve been told.

And DON’T YOU DARE IGNORE HOT CHOCOLATE! More items coming soon.

For my ballhogs in the ranks of the CHIKARMY, I’ll see you May 22nd and 23rd!

Roystonians, you know good and well I’ll be there every Friday for APW in Royston, Georgia.

I’ll also be appearing for Folkstyle Championship Wrestling in Atlanta on May 15th. Should be a pleaser of a show and I look forward to doin’ it up in the dirty.

As for where I’ll pop up on the random dates…hehe, who knows.

Later days. My next blog, I’ll be discussing my first King of Trios experience!



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