I’m Goin’ Back To Royston…Royston…Royston.

Got some Common in my ear (“Go” from his Be album) as I’m writing this, t-minus a number of hours until Alternative Pro Wrestling tonight.

It’s been about two weeks since I’ve been there and I’m always a bit giddy when I go back after an absence. Everytime I’m away, it’s always because I’m growing in terms of experience, skill, and psychology and I get to come home and “show everybody what I learned” so to speak. I’d like to think my home crowd is seeing me grow in ability and confidence everytime they see me and feel a sense of pride.

“Our boy is making it. He’s doing us proud,” I envision them saying as I present to them a star that shines brighter and ever brighter. Beautiful thing, man.

I gotta say on another note, King of Trios was the business and I am moved that I finally got to take part of a tournament I’ve been following from the very beginning. All that flavor from everywhere is truly a thing to see as we create a melting pot of styles, abilities, stories, and creeds set on one goal; to provide an experience the likes of which you’ve never seen before.

I’d say 2010 delievered. Too bad it’ll be the last one ever…-snicker-

Ol Boy Dunks and the Osaka Pro crew

I especially enjoyed a chance to mingle with the Osaka Pro, Big Japan, and Mexican representation for the show. Great examples of when language isn’t a barrier when you’re apart of the fraternity that is pro wrestling. Meeting them only has me hoping more and more that I can live up to the Globetrotter moniker and see some places outside the US. I wanna be the foreigner for a change :p And I will NOT check my swag in at customs.

I think right now, the biggest challenge I have as a wrestler is fighting the stigma that I’m just for comedy. I again point to Colt Cabana and even Santino Marella in the sense that both are actually quite good in the ring, Colt has proven this on many an occasion and walks that tight rope between serious threat and comedian like a true pro.

Santino on the other hand very rarely gets to show his ring prowess, but watching his execution when he does is proof that he can do more…he just doesn’t have to. I’m not made at him, cash those checks and hold your spot. He’s one of the best things about RAW. At my level though, I keep hearing the words of Les Thatcher echo through my head….

“On the INDEPENDENT level, why not strive to be the best wrestler you could possibly be? Perfect your craft.”

So I’m breaking down the tapes, studying up, and biding my time for when I let loose. I’m bound to surprise some people and that’s never a bad thing….unless it’s the reveal of the Higher Power…then it’s just underwhelming.

Anyway…gym in about an hour. Bag is packed and Royston is calling. Your boy is coming home with some new tricks and a SWANK new CHIKARA track jacket to show off :p Those who’ve been peeping my Twitter know I’ve been trying to fight some stress in my life for about a week or so. Best advice I can give is by saying that you can’t control outside factors…your reactions are all you can really take charge of. Don’t let drama get forced on you and know who you are and what you represent. No use being mad if it ain’t true right? Annoyed, yes. Mad, naaaah.

It’s been a blast as usual. And plllllllease, check out www.hotchocolate.spreadshirt.com for the latest in Hot Chocolate branded and Sugar Dunkerton merchandise. The new Throwbacks shirt and track jacket are such a good look and my “Baller” shirt is what they call “fly”.

Later days and GO SEE IRON MAN 2!!



Ain’t this the coolest pic ever?!

Curry Man and Sugar Mane lol


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One response to “I’m Goin’ Back To Royston…Royston…Royston.

  1. ~Fiesty~

    I cannot stop reading Your BLOGS!!! I am addicted! Your home crowd Loves YOU and We do see how much You have grown! We are all very proud of You… Keep Bloggin! Love YOU!

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