Honey, It’s Our Aniversario!


From the days of watching Private Eye and DJ Skittlez to being apart apart of my first anniversary weekend for CHIKARA.


That’s really the beat way to sum it all for me. It’s always so humbling knowing I’m now carving history with a product I’ve followed and enjoyed so much. This weekend will mark the first time I’ve EVER been to Massachusetts and also marks a new part of Jersey (Union City) for your boy.

I’m excited. I’m fresh off Trios and now, I get to step into something just as rich and important in the CHIKARA. I’m 80s babyface fired up and I think I got a lot to show and internally, even more to prove. I want no questions or doubts about the place I wanna carve for myself in CHIK…anywhere I go while we’re on real talk.

Union City should be a blast too, teaming with Dash and ALSO Lightning Mike and ol’ Jigs. They know how to get their Atomico on, so I’m all for trying to hang with em vs BDK.

– For the fans out there wondering what’s on the Sugar D merch pipeline, limited number of “Baller” shirts on deck….

Sugar Dunkerton Baller Shirt Design. Classy.

….which are also available at hotchocolate.spreadshirt.com Of course, you can’t get my hand sold love unless you’re at one of the CHIKARA shows live, so make sure to get yours! I always do my limited runs in a unique color or style you can’t order online, so if you want yours, don’t hesitate.

– I have my share of detractors (haters as the cool kids say) in regards to my fierce love for blending character with good wrestling. I can enjoy straight up wrestling, but how many guys are just kickpads and biker shorts these days? Some of you may have even seen my tweets where I was OD’ing on HUSTLE, DDT, and yes; Santino matches. News flash….crowd control, facials, effective (yet silly) storytelling, and body language can be found in many of a comedy stylized match.

I just hate to see the rut some wrestlers have fallen in where it’s all about the MOVEZ and their work shows no passion. No bite. I’m not saying crack a joke then crack your opponent’s jaw, but if you can’t engage the masses….then all your moves are just pleasing to yourself. A series of passing actions with no lasting image on the people, ya dig?

Believe it or not, stuff like what I’ve got for you below makes wrestling so worthwhile and unlike anythinlg else….

HUSTLE Rangers vs Monster Army from the sadly closed HUSTLE promoton. Clear cut bad vs good, great body language, eye catching, simple story to follow. Wouldn’t matter what language it was in.

I only hope when anybody looks at my work, they’ll know everything they need to know about me, my emotion, and my spirit as the match rages on.

Learn how to show feeling or risk not being felt.

– Justified may vet well be the best show on TV I don’t hear mug water cooler convo about. It’s getting watched, but I’d love to shoot the breeze (and threes) with folk about the Western style justice of Raylen Gibbons and his 10 gallon hat of justice. Any takers? :p

– So many good Xbox games….no time to play them. Le sigh.

-Splitreason.com….geek paradise.

– *Grumble* @ NBA. Curse the magic for ending the dream for the Atlanta Hawks. I hope the Celtics crush them. I predict an inevitable (AGAIN?) Lakers vs Celts final; and hopefully the East Coast send the Lakers packing. No Kobe love here.

Well, hopefully more talk from the road, and I got A LOT of it to run his weekend.

Later days.



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