Stop And Smell The Daizee’s

I have returned with another taste of bloggery. I find myself saddened that I missed RAW last night, given a bunch of new faces got to get their shine on from what I read. Truly refreshing to see. And Evan Bourne in the main event is the kind of unpredictability a playa likes.

I digress, enjoyed the Anniversary weekend put on by CHIKARA and it’s special to be apart of visiting all these new places on deck. Mass was definitely a welcome change of pace and Jersey is Jersey (-fist pump-) so the good times were most definitely rolling.

Its a funny thing when you travel so far from what you know and can feel so at home. That’s what I dig about CHIKARA and the fans. It feels like I’ve been there forever…always makes it rough to leave. -tear-

And I know what you’re thinking.

“Sugar, why you ain’t realize Daizee was playin’ you for a fool all weekend?”


Well, quite simply….she was fine. End of story. DON’T JUDGE ME!

Normally I don’t advocate man on woman violence, but I guess she had it coming. Shame, we could made pretty caramel swirls together. I know this, she better not think about calling me…..before 6, cause I won’t be home to take the call. But anytime after that I’m good.

What? …..DON’T JUDGE ME!

So now I find myself in a state of chill for the moment. I do apologize to my Floridians for not beign able to attend Combat Championship Wrestling( this weekend, but I STRONGLY urge you to check them out and support. Kizarny, Big Vito, Jesse Neal, and Daffney are just a few reasons to give them a look.

Mad love to buyers of my “Baller” shirts, which can be purchased along with a plethora of other items at Hot Chocolate and don’t think I didn’t hear you guys when you were asking about the track jackets. I may get some to sell on the road, but Hot Chocolate is THE place to get yours how you want it, when you want it.

Throwbacks Tracks!

Also…wanna give SHOUT OUTS~! to…

My son?


A fan rocking the fro with a mysterious resembelance to your boy….I have had my share of wild nights…-Twilight Zone music plays-

And also to a special fan from my Twitter…


You made my day bro. Matt is a constant retweeter and repper of the Throwbacks and yours truly and it was a pleasure to finally meet him in the flesh. I’m passionate about what I do and moments like that keep me focused. Thank you brohams. Real talk.

Well, gym and other escapades, but if you’re good….I may have a little something later that I’d file in the “Things to Think About” category in regards to WRESTLING vs ENTERTAINMENT. Hopefully it’ll set off some real talk perhaps?

Later days

Your boy Dunks


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