Sugar D! Where Have You Been?!

Busy would be the answer guys. For the CHIKArmy, it must seem like I’ve fallen off the face of the Earth, but I’m well and good. Working hard and staying busy around the Florida and Georgia scene, biding time til Young Lion’s in August! I’m mad excited getting to compete win all this flavor from around the country and the world; hoping to bring that cup home and dub myself “Young Mufasa” by the tournament’s end….oh I just can’t wait to be king 😉

Being away from the Midwest leg of CHIKARA’s run, I missed out on a chance to be under the same roof with Bryan Danielson; but as fate would have it, he’ll be in the house for Rampage Pro Wrestling’s Sizzlin’ Summer Bash this Saturday, July 31st in Warner Robins, Georgia.

RPW's Sizzlin Summer Bash Poster

I expect it to be a slam dunk of an event with the talent involved and perhaps me and ol’ Bryan D can share grooming tips…me on hair care, him on how to properly accessorize a tie :p

– Speaking of Rampage, I’ve been enjoying my time there since my debut early in the month and the product from an entertainment and wrestling standpoint is definitely worth your attention. is the place and you can catch their TV show online each and every week, you may recognize somebody you know scoring a big upset over half of Hot Like Lava, Cru Jones if you partake of the episode 🙂

That’s just a clip though what ya got up there. Gotta catch the show for the full thing brohams!

-Also, had the pleasure of being a guest on Hit The Ropes ( and had a blast with their crew and their other special guest Marti Belle (check her out on Twitter @martibelle, she’s such a sweetheart…even if her taste in NXT rookies is lacking.) The interview can be heard just down below if you’re up for it. I promise you, we’re all over the place on this, but it’s so worth it. I’m holding you to our playdate in Brooklyn, Marti…or I give you shortarm clothesline. -glare- Shouts to Matt AWESUM~!(@Mattawesum) for getting the deal done.

– Shoutout to Stacy “Kat” Carter and Sinn “Kizarny” Bodhi on getting shackl…I mean, joined in holy matrimony. I’ve only known them for a short time, but the two of them are such a good look and you can’t stereotype what happiness is or what it looks like. Ya’ll keep it together forever you two!

– Those who follow me on Twitter will know I’ve changed my workout to circuit training, and let me tell you, it’s WORK…but worth it. Results within mere weeks guys if you do what ya gotta. I’m trying to be in serious shape for YLC and beyond and a sound body makes for sound living. Put your time in, the gym is your friend. I’ll testify to that. I’ll admit, I’m a lazy one without the right playlist though lol. (Transformers soundtrack, Van Halen, Kanye, Street Sweeper Social Club, Daft Punk usually does the trick.)

– So who knew my Twitter would be worth watching on Tuesday nights?

Wanna give shouts to those who follow my unofficial commentary on WWE NXT on Tuesday nights and I’m glad the laughter and insight is contagious. NXT feels like the most “real” wrestling show on TV to me right now, because it comes off like they don’t want to hide the mistakes and it’s not micro-managed all to hell. It makes for great observations and apparently, great joke material by the looks of my replies on Tuesdays.

I’m often asked as well, so I’ll gladly answer….who I want to win, Percy Watson. Who will win….Leaning towards Mr. Perfect’s Son. (Refuse to call him by his slave WWE last name. No sir.) will be seeing updates to the merchandise VERY soon, keep an eye out, but feel free to nab some of the cool stuff already there!

– Manami Toyota in CHIKARA….color me interested if not dark.

– Question…thinking about getting new duds made soon? What FICTIONAL team should I have on my singlet style jersey? Throw me some ideas via Twitter (@sugerdunkerton) or comment on the blog. GO WILD!

-What’s good…Beck, Rick’s Ross’ new CD “Teflon Don”, Kanye West on Twitter, LeBron on a team that may get him a ring FINALLY, Inception, Salt, tiramisu, Silversun Pickups, being told you’re loved and believing it, Facebook inside jokes, “I like ya…and I want ya” bit from the Boondocks, Kyle Matthews of Rampage pro Wrestling being apart of the 4 way that includes J-Rod, Bryan Danielson, and Jimmy Rave. Too good to be such a secret to the indy scene at large.

What’s not hot….missing so much CHIKARA (WITHDRAWALS UGH), Lindsay Lohan news of any sort, BP STILL messing up, Twilight in any shape or form,  Lucky Cannon not being gone by now, The red ring o’ doom, people who wanna call you when you’re up, but no words when you were down.

Later days ya’ll. AUGUST IS COMIN’!


Ol’ boy Dunks


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