It’s Been A Good Year.

And here we are again. A day away from a new year.

I always find myself in deep thought about everything that happened prior; a highlight reel of events that can’t be redone, but reflected upon.

2009 was a quest for the higher level I had been wanting years before Chuck Taylors became my preferred ring shoe. It was a hard and winding road. However, I reached that goal and exceeded it. My boundaries were no longer limited to Georgia borders. My name was now on the lips of not just a state, but regions and even countries. It was humbling and surreal; but reality always gives you a swift backhand of Dolemite proportions given the opportunity.

Mine came around this same time last year. Which makes the timing of this blog truly fit.

“You made it, kid. But do you belong?”

Oh, did that question haunt me.

Finally at the promised land and wondering if I deserved to be among their ranks. Was my spot meant for someone else?

So season 9 was not only a battle with the BDK, The Unstable, FIST, and now The Roughnecks; but myself as well. I was my own worst enemy and I had weekends where I would tear myself apart for what I saw as a performance not good enough for your dollar. Some of you made that known in so many words and others could never tell. The point is I took in the knowledge and worked on my ring game HARD this year. I don’t expect pats on the back or a most improved award for my troubles, because if you’re not trying to progress in this business, you will fail. No doubt about it. I just want to be able to surpass strides I’ve already made.

In the course of really coming into my own this year; The Peterson Cup standing as a weekend where I could feel new life come out of me, I realized that the man behind the basketball made mistakes. My tunnel vision was on high and my time was scarce. But those who cared stuck by me and still believed, even when I was hurting them by being too passionate. It’s been a fault of mine before, but 2010 amplified it to the nTH degree.

But I realized before it was too late, I can fix it. I won’t lose sight of the rings I hope to inhabit by the end of next year. That doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice those I love to do it. Spending more time these past few weeks of down time with some wonderful people I’ve been so neglectful to over an 11 month period leaves me hopeful I can change and I can be the person I want to be for them. A hero without a pair of tights 🙂

Mom, dad, bro, Virgina family, Amanda, Lauryn (L Boogie <3), Krissie, Aronda, Kisha, Dom, Emily, Margaret, Deanna, PAULA HILL~!, Dantae, Mason, Isabel, Tre, Jacoby, ASHLEY & TOMMY~!, Steelmon, Jeremy, M-1, YOTIMBO~!, my Twitter fam and so many others who have put up with my blindness…let my actions make up for the inabilities of the past. I’m still busy of course, but I’ll MAKE time for you. I love you all.

So where do we go from here? The top if you’re not afraid.

There’s plenty of rings I haven’t been in yet. Plenty of competition I haven’t faced. More countries and states that need a dash of sugar. I didn’t come this far to fall off or fall down. And you as a reader (and hopefully fan) have been witness to a man growing right in front of you each and every match.

Every match is a love letter to a dream I’ve wanted since I was in Underoos. So as we close the chapter that was 2010 and reach 2011; I hope to craft something the likes of which you cats have never dreamed of. As for you, why not make 2011 yours? Who told you it couldn’t be?


Thank you. I love you. Let’s get it.





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2 responses to “It’s Been A Good Year.

  1. Gail Seda

    I’m very proud of you! You have improved tremendously since I first saw you in’09. I love ya, Sugar and am proud to know you in the ring & out. Keep on keeping on! You deserve it!

  2. Gail Seda

    I almost forgot….You are Sexual Chocolate!!!

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