Pantsless Radio Returns!

Hola ballers!

Just thought I’d let you guys know that the return of Pantsless Radio was a rousing success and unpredictable isn’t even the word for the kind of show me and Wiggy had last night. It was a pure pleasure being apart of the show and I look forward to it again next month! In the meantime, if you missed the fun, feel free to give it a listen (As well as the other brilliant programming at via the link below!

I do want to warn you, this is not PG-13 and the show is quite raunchy. Just shooting you the disclaimer so nobody gets offended.

I expect to have a blog in a few days time to discuss my feelings and further information also on being invited to wrestle for TAJIRI’s SMASH promotion in Japan! I’ll be ironing out the dates and such very soon and you’ll get the new as I have it. You can learn more about SMASH at and YouTube “Smash Wrestling Japan” to see some amazing YouTube videos dedicated to their brand of action.

Later days ya’ll and KABOOM.



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