101 ??’s About Me

You clicked this page, expecting more than likely a laid out biography in regards to myself. However, that’s boring and frankly, I have no patience for the spacing and such :p

So, I have decided to take advantage of RIGHT-CLICK TECHNOLOGY(patent-pending) and shamelessly copy and paste a 101 question survey to fill in. I figure this is a tad more candid and if you don’t know what you need to know off of this…well…umm…sorry? You may see questions with “pass” on them. Either I’ve skipped over it for lack of a quality answer at the moment or I’m pleading the 5th.

For now, I’ll start with 10 questions and answer at a comfortable rate to me until we reach the number of 101. Sound good? Then let’s go.

101 Questions (Eventually) About Sugar Dunkerton

1. What is your first name? Sugar. What’s the crazy look for? My mom like’s snack foods and cakes…I guess it was only academic. Yes, I got in a lot of fights in school.

2. Were you named after anyone? I hope not. I sincerely hope not…although I’m told I share a name with this cat named Clarence. Used to play for the Flint Tropics or somethin. Hmm, musta not been that good if I haven’t heard of him…

3. Do you wish on stars? Of course. The impossible happens everyday and I could use the luck.

4. When did you have your worst cry? When the ABA folded and when my grandfather died. You were some kinda good Pop-Pop.

5. Do you like your handwriting? Like Bacardi & Cola, it gets the job done. As long as people can make it out when I sign my checks.

6. What is your favorite lunch meat? Definitely turkey. So tasty and flavorful.

7. What is your most embarrassing possession? The entire discography of the Spice Girls. -awkward silence- WHAT?! “Never Give Up On The Good Times” was GREATNESS!

8. If you were another person, would you be friends with you? MOST DEFINITELY. I’d want to be where the party was at.

9. Do you keep a diary? Does a blog count? I mean, diary is such a “soft” word. Can’t be lookin’ like no puff, broham.

10. Do you use sarcasm a lot? NEVER! THAT IS JUST -scoffs- COMPLETELY OUT OF MY REALM. I’D BE SUCH A SCOUNDREL. /end sarcasm

11. What are your nicknames? -deep breath- Black Swagger, Boisterous Ballhog, Slam McNasty, Starbucks, The Chocolate Ice Cream Dream, Chuck Taylor’s Favorite Customer, Frobot Jones, The Backcourt Bandit, The Sultan of Slam Dunk, Ol’ Boy Dunks, Kareem Abdul Jamar, Stadium Status, CHIKARA’s Finest, Hot Chocolate…I’m sure there will be more.

12. Would you bungee jump? I think not broham. You ever seen that episode of Fresh Prince where Trevor went bungie jumping? That explains it.

13. Do you untie your shoes before you take them off? For Chucks, it’s a requirement for that smooth fit. Any good sneaker needs to be untied or else you’re messing up the backs, and that just can’t be tolerated.

14. Do you think that you are strong? Strong enough to know I can’t do everything all the time. Just a lot of things a lot of the time. ๐Ÿ™‚

15. What is your favorite food? That’s just evil. Just one? If we’re talking like a meat…chicken owns you all. Give the black jokes a rest by the way, it’s good and I’m sticking to it! I’m also a huge popcorn fan. Not bad for you and so delicious.

16. Shoes on or shoes off? ON! Can’t get big ups bare-footed.

17. Red or pink? I’m a grown man, dawg. Red. MANLY red.

18. What is your least favorite thing about yourself? I’m a tad too driven for my own good. I’m not letting nothing stop me when I have my mind made up and yes, that can be a bad thing if unchecked.

19. What do you miss most? Days where I did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. And I mean nothing. Lay around and watch DVDs, play games, eat, repeat. Now I got this wack thing called “responsibility” now and stuff. Not groovy…not groovy at all.

20. Do you enjoy talking about yourself? Suckas gots to know!

81 to go!


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