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Shedding Light on Shadow

You may have recently seen this video pop up on the internet for the EWF’s(http://www.ewfarena.com) X8 tournament in Converse, Indiana…..

A word about this one.

This was filmed at my home. The street I talk about where I got left laying is a real one and the only non-factuals in that promo was the name “Chad Burke”. I’m good friends with “his” sister, so I didn’t want naming him to ruin any goodwill we’ve got going. Shortly after letting the world know of this promo, @HitTheRopes on Twitter made a touching set of tweets…

@HitTheRopes: “Watching @sugardunkerton‘s video http://bit.ly/ygyBeF and I immediately thought that the WWE would probably love it for their B A Star stuff. 

On a serious note, it was a damn good promo from@sugardunkerton. Ya need to check it out http://bit.ly/ygyBeF

Thanks. And for anybody that this promo spoke to on a personal level, I’m happy it did.

In life, you WILL be judged for chasing for positives and negatives. Period. No getting around it. I’m fortunate enough to be at a place in my life where I can look back at situations like this and those that try to create situations like this for me and work through it. NEVER let anyone enjoy that kind of power over you in the chase for your dream. Even now, I’m aware of guys older, more experienced, and supposedly tougher that don’t have the guts to say what they mean about me; to me. Schoolgirl stuff. Questioning my position, stature (lack thereof? :P), and HEART for what I do. That’s a laugh. The joke gets funnier when those are the cats who will never see those stamps on their passport. Never see those sights I’ve been blessed to see. More importantly, they don’t have the heart or general POSITIVE ENERGY to touch souls and motivate the way they could if they weren’t so caught up in “girl talk”.

For all my failures and successes, I take accountability for it all. Whether I soar to heights above the clouds or crash and burn in a heap, I can say I wasn’t scared to see how far down the rabbit hole we can go. I pray if you’re reading this, you let nothing stop you in the pursuit of leaving your stamp on this world. You will be tested, tried, and talked about every step in the way; but it’s the success that supersedes all of it if you’re brave enough to weather the storm.

I look out at so many people I’ve met and I talk to. You’re all beautiful stars, shine brightly and I hope what you’ve seen there in that above video is more than just words. It’s a true story that you can make it and defy expectation with the right spirit.

With that said, I look forward to seeing you guys this Saturday at EWF’s X8 Tournament. Load of great talent on the card and looking to be a near sellout if not a plain sellout come show day.

EWF X8 Tourney Poster

The official poster for EWF's X8 tournament, March 17th in Converse, Indiana. http://www.ewfarena.com

Also, I appreciate the support from you guys as I delve into a different play on my character with Resistance Pro under the “Lock-Up” tag team with my partner and good friend, Aaron Epic. I’ll have my tales of that adventure and my feelings on such a drastic change in character in a future blog. For now, sleep sounds like a good idea.
Shine bright guys, you were meant to. Lets drive the lane hard in 2012!


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