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CM Punk.

Punk wins the WWE championship; setting off one of the most exciting eras in WWE history.

The talk of the wrestling world. Our -Howard Finkel voice- NEEEEEEEEEEEEEW Unemployed WWE Champion. Now I could bite other blogs and get into such things as….

-How awesome this was.

-Fantasy booking.

-Where we go from here.

But I’m not. There’s plenty of that to go around across the bevy of news sites, forums, and social networks you frequent. Besides, for those of us who followed his career from the days of Steel Domain, IWA-Mid South, ROH, etc….we knew a star when we saw one.

It wasn’t a question of if he could run with the main event slot, it was all a matter of if the big leagues would let him. And it just feels plain good to see that happen for such a hard worker and genuine star.

So in a change of pace, I’d like to share a story that’ll always stick out to me about CM Punk. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting the man; but I get the sense from stories I’m told about him and his sheer humility in terms of his stature in the business, despite having the right to feel himself even a little bit, that I’d like him just fine.

Also, I need you to remember this word and definition.

crunk/krəNGk/Adjective: (of a person) Very excited or full of energy.

I’m sure you’ve heard this expression in terms of rap music, Dirty South slang, and the fact it was a generally popular term around the time period I’m about to discuss. I was an avid fan of it myself. This word will come into play later 🙂

I’d like you all to jump in the Wayback Machine with me to December 3, 2006….Augusta, GA…the James Brown Arena. Yes, that’s right…the “pay per view of which we do not speak”…

Augusta, GA FINALLY gets a PPV and it goes down as one of the worst ones ever. Figures.

-Strange look-
Really? All that because I said….ECW December to Dismember?
Okay, I’m not testing fate anymore. But yes, there was a time that Augustians were actually EXCITED to see this pay-per-view. It also just so happened me and my best friend, Dantae Robertson, nabbed two tickets in some pretty swank seats for the event. Our suspicions were high on the possible sucktitude of this show, but everything is more fun when you’re not paying for it! So we hopped in the Impala and headed on down to the newly renamed James Brown Arena to check out the ECW brand’s first pay-per-view under WWE.
At this time, I’d been in the business a few years (way before I’d make any kind of real accounting for myself in the ring and WAY before a certain afro and basketball got introed into my life) and Danny always hit me up about information about indy wrestlers and wrestlers he didn’t know about. I’ve earned the nickname via Murder One (Of Rampage Pro and UWF fame. Hit him up at @MurderOne and tell him you’re looking for “FINE CHINA, babaloo.” :p ) of Computron 5000 due to my deep knowledge of all things wrestling. So it was only natural he’d ask me, “Who is CM Punk?”.
I swear, he got an education that car ride. Punk was the main reason I watched ECW and was who I would have paid to see going into this show. He gave me faith that the indy star could get to the big leagues and still retain the aspects that made him special. Not only that, but he got to main event this show in the Extreme Elimination Chamber. Surely this’d be his breakout night tonight, right? Bottom line, when I gave Danny the rundown, I wasn’t just rattling off info. I needed him to understand that Punk was a revolution waiting to happen and that the next star was in the making. I knew this because it had already been on display numerous times.
“Is he like the Rock?”
“Naw man.”
“Then how would you describe him?”
“He’s his own thing, dude. An original. Man….Punk is Crunk.”
It was the best i could do to describe him at the time. And the fact that I couldn’t make comparisons intrigued Danny, because he’d have to see him at work himself.
Fast forward some hours later; we’re in our seats and strangely geeked up for two guys that had sat through what guys around us called a “glorified house show”. But again, no money out our pockets; so we were having fun for what it was.
Finally, the main event came. Killswitch Engage thundered over the speakers and the arena came alive for this tattooed anti-thesis of everything WWE was pushing at the time. And it was awesome. The Augusta crowd received him quite well and for me, it was no ROH show with side banners to slap to the drum beat of “Miseria Cantare”; but it was close enough. Was finally gonna get to see him do work live and it was just a great feeling. Then it got even better; he entered the ring to take his place in one of the chamber pods….
…the chamber pod right next to our section on the floor.
I couldn’t resist. Now, I was fortunate to have been in a section with some good-hearted folk that didn’t mind some crazy chants throughout the night. So it had to be done. I had to see if I could get away with it.
Soon a few voices joined along, and eventually, our section was loud enough in the chant to catch his ear.
What happened next completely threw me off guard, but showed me the kind of cat he was. It lead to a story I’d tell for fun which I’m now sharing with you guys.
Punk proceeded to turn around in his chamber, which struck me as odd given I thought the average guy would be immersed in the “big match situation” he was currently in. Regardless, he turned to our section; listening through the chamber pod at our chant. He then tapped the glass to get our attention, the tap as effective as a mute button.
CM PUNK: -Cheshire cat grin and a thumbs up- “OKAY!”
He then egged us on to chant it more and we gladly obliged him as loudly and strongly as we could. In the midst of me starting the chant, I failed to realize that he may have NEVER heard the term “crunk” before in his lifetime. So I’d like to think he was educated that night :p
Most of all, I hope he realizes that taking the word “crunk” for the base meaning…CM Punk is exactly that. A lot of people enjoy him and admire him for different reasons. I think I do because he’s accomplished the extraordinary, but has remained humble in thought and action even when he sits atop the throne. In all my years of watching wrestling and being apart of it, you’ll have many constantly speak at the highest of their lungs how great they are. How good they are.
Real power, is when the people KNOW you are; without any words being spoken. I’m proud to have lived in a time where this has finally been displayed.
“Therefore the Master
acts without doing anything
and teaches without saying anything.
Things arise and he lets them come;
things disappear and he lets them go.
He has but doesn’t possess,
acts but doesn’t expect.
When his work is done, he forgets it.
That is why it lasts forever.” – Lao Tzu


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Pantsless Radio Returns!

Hola ballers!

Just thought I’d let you guys know that the return of Pantsless Radio was a rousing success and unpredictable isn’t even the word for the kind of show me and Wiggy had last night. It was a pure pleasure being apart of the show and I look forward to it again next month! In the meantime, if you missed the fun, feel free to give it a listen (As well as the other brilliant programming at cardsubjecttochange.blogspot.com) via the link below!

I do want to warn you, this is not PG-13 and the show is quite raunchy. Just shooting you the disclaimer so nobody gets offended.


I expect to have a blog in a few days time to discuss my feelings and further information also on being invited to wrestle for TAJIRI’s SMASH promotion in Japan! I’ll be ironing out the dates and such very soon and you’ll get the new as I have it. You can learn more about SMASH at http://www.smashxsmash.jp/english/index.html and YouTube “Smash Wrestling Japan” to see some amazing YouTube videos dedicated to their brand of action.

Later days ya’ll and KABOOM.


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Mojo So Dope.

Now that you know the inspiration of the title. Lets get with the blogging! I’m up at 1am my time and it just feels right to drop a blog; Kid Cudi’s sophomore album on blast in the background. My new year of matches has started and so far, so good. The rest threatened to make me lazy, but I guess you can’t keep a playa down when it comes to this ring stuff!

And what a first match of 2011 it was….

Rich Swann of the group Ronin, who’s blazing the ranks of Dragon Gate USA, vs. the Mayor of All The Air himself in my Force-1 (http://www.force1pro.com) debut. Early December of last year was my last match and it just felt good to get back out there in front of a rabid crowd and it turned out to be quite a good time. I’ll be back in effect their next event vs Samuel (Some call him Sami :p) Calihan. I look forward to the challenge as his work has only gotten more solid since I was first introduced to him as he rose through the ranks of IWA-Mid South. I don’t expect a technical affair and I’m down with that.

Speaking of non-technical affairs……


Brodie's idea of chiropractic work at CHIKARA's season opener. Photo courtesy of http://getlostphotography.smugmug.com

Ouch. I know. A still shot from the CHIKARA Season opener at the ECW Arena where The Throwbacks rode again against The Roughnecks. If Brodie Lee ever promises you a instant cure to back pain, DON’T BELIEVE HIM. That match was extremely physical and it looks like me and the big man will be at it again in Reading, PA  for CHIKARA; this time Big Rig to Ballhog.

Anybody got that brick Craig used to knock out Deebo on the movie Friday? No. Ugh, guess we’re at it the hard way.

In the midst of booting Bieber lookalikes in the grill and brawling with bearded brawlers; my journey to Philly was also one of learning. I had tagged along with the Highspots crew (Kaboom! Check these hard workin’ cats out at http://www.highspots.com; buy something ya?) the week prior to check out the Ring of Honor shows in Virgina and North Carolina and I made it a point to check out both TV tapings they had the next week as well. What I saw was a dedicated crew of wrestlers and staff who take their product so seriously, that their survival since 2002 is of no shock.

A good wrestler always makes it a point to check out the matches and there was plenty to learn watching 4 events worth of Ring of Honor, my personal favorites being Cole/Bennett from Virginia, Hero/Davey from North Carolina, King/Claudio from the TV tapings on Friday, and O’Reilly/Elgin on Saturday’s tapings for the Top Prospect Tournament. HDNet is truly losing a special product in Ring of Honor, but their loss will be another lucky networks gain. It was a pleasure to observe their product first hand as well as see how it all flows together on the backstage end of things.  As for familiar faces I vibed with and new ones I got the chance to with, hopefully travels will lead us back to some more laughs and experiences!

ROH School Ring

The ring for ROH's training school in Bristol, PA.

There was more learning to be had later on at ROH’s training school in Bristol, PA. Now some of you may ask, “Well I thought you were already trained, Shug?”. Well I am, but a common mistake made among wrestlers is their belief that there is nothing more to learn.

Always remain a student. Always.

ROH’s school challenged me with 2 hours of drills, holds, transitions, and other odds and ends that made every drop of sweat worth it. It’s definitely a worthwhile school to cut your teeth in (if not the CHIKARA Wrestle Factory) and I’ve learned a number of new holds and transitions I look to apply in the near future. I definitely intend to return to see what more I can learn in hopes of challenging and improving myself. I promised you guys I had hopes of being the best wrestler I could be and I don’t break my promises.


– Every time the Lakers lose, an angel gets its wings and there was a lucky angel last Sunday when the Celtics put foot to butt. Lets keep that pushing until playoffs, yea? Meanwhile, Lebron completed his heel turn by helping to decimate his old team in convincing fashion. The NBA picture is looking mighty healthy and you know I’m gonna be trying to take in as much as I can.

-Some would tell you that you shouldn’t take gestures by the fans too close to heart.

Welcome Back Sugar!

A warm welcome back to Rampage Pro!

Sorry. Can’t help it. I recently made my return rounds to Georgia companies Platinum Championship Wrestling (http://www.platinumchampionshipwrestling.com) and perhaps one of the most underrated, hot indies anywhere Rampage Pro Wrestling (www.rampageprowrestling.net). It was at Rampage that my return match with Aaron Epic was met with a crazy “Welcome Back” chant. After the show, I caught up with JR Spires, a cool dude who was a vocal supporter and always asking when I’d be back with the company; and got this picture with him. He was kind enough to let me nab his sign.

I wanna tell you I appreciate you bro and that made my week. This very sign hangs in my room, so your boy is ALWAYS welcomed back when he comes through the door :p.

-The White Stripes are breaking up? Ugh…….if Lupe Fiasco’s new album didn’t already have a release date (Lasers, March 8th. NAB IT) I’d be in musical depression at the moment. Some like to hate on em’ because they both were weirdos; but since when has that ever effected musical quality? They gave us 6 albums of incredible work and it’s a shame it comes to an end. -Blasts “Why Can’t You Be Nicer To Me”-

-No matter what you do, make that time for the little things in your life. We get so caught up in chasing money, dreams, whatever that we forget about the little stuff that humanizes us. Things that keep us grounded. I’ve had to shuffle my schedule to make sure I’m getting time to just do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (one of my favorite pastimes) and spend time with some great family and friends. I’ve been so much happier and centered since. I promise, if you make that time, you’ll never regret it.

-As announced on popular podcast The Programme, I’ll indeed be co-hosting the reboot of Pantsless Radio with the lovable Canuck, Wiggy. Pantsless is NOT wrestling based. It’s also not PG-13. It’s a very grown folks kind of radio show about relationships, dating, and other adult topics. I do suggest giving it a lesson because Wiggy and I will be offering a fusion of informative-raunchy-humor you just can’t get on any other podcast.

The return episode will be on 7PM and hosted on cardsubjecttochange.blogspot.com; which also features a number of other great podcasts for your auditory pleasure. Hope you give us a listen and enjoy what you end up hearing. Feel free to add “Pantsless Radio” as a friend on Facebook by the by. I’d mention MySpace, but does anyone MySpace anymore?



-sugardunkertonbro@gmail.com. Bookings, concerns, marriage proposals, hate mail, investment plans based in Nigeria? You know where to send it.

In closing….we got CHIKARA round the bend and a few more surprises I hope to spring on you guys. You’ve been hanging in there for a wild journey and I’m hoping we can take it higher then even I expect as the months fall off the calendar. My mojo is quite active and there’s a feeling in the air I just can’t describe. I don’t want to jinx it, but at the rate it’s going; last year’s impossibilities are becoming this year’s “who knows?”

So with that, I leave you with this $5 Wrestling clip, which in no way is meant to get you to go to http://www.highspots.com and buy both volumes of their entertainingly bad brand of pro wrestling…what kind of man do you take me for?! -smile-



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Formula 51


STILL recovering after an amazing trip to Ireland. I wrestled 16 matches in the span of 9 days and that can certainly take a lot out of a man. The rest has been good though, giving me a chance to catchup on some good music and my neglected DVD collection, but the itch is setting in and I’ll get my first scratch on November 20th at CHIKARA’s Scornucopia event in Easton, PA. I don’t think I can even put into proper words how excited I am to be back in effect. It gets even better when I heard I’ll be doing my thing alongside none other than Da Soul Touchaz at that.

Da Soul Touchaz

Da Soul Touchaz in full effect, rocking red velvet cake colors.

My first time ever seeing Da Soul Touchaz was the 2008 installment of the King of Trios.  I was hooked from the promo, but it was obvious these cats had style for days and were exciting to watch in the ring. To see the kind of reaction they were getting in just two matches and how badly the crowd wanted to see them do in F.I.S.T. always makes for good viewing to me. My travels would later lead to me getting to actually meet them in Illinois for an IWA-Mid South show; Rockett, Trauma, and C Red being the representers that night. They proved to be as cool as I expected and I vividly remember the epic crossover contest in the locker room between Marshe and of all people, Egotistico Fantastico. Just WOW. lol

But back on track, it’s gonna be a blast getting to team with a squad of their caliber and it’s gonna be all win for the fans in attendance when they get to see such a splendiforus event (credit: Chappelle’s Show) for themselves live; S&S about to crank this thang up.

-Ireland was a real blast and it was so cool to experience a different culture for a little while. It’s an awesome hybrid of the old and historical, fused with shiny and new. I can also confirm that the fields are as green and vivid as I pictured them.

Speaking of pictures….   


Guinness' for the boys. Mandrake(Ireland), Simon(Ireland). Me(US), Shock(Italy), Tristan Archer(France), Joey Hayes(England), Danny Hope(England), CJ Banks(England)...DEM ROOM 5 BOYS~!

USA's Sugar Dunkerton and Italy's Shock

The US' Sugar Dunkerton and Italy's Shock showing proper respect post match. Beautiful thing when two native countrymen from different countries can do what they love in another country they're not native to.


European Sports Conference in Down, North Ireland

Walter Alexander, Tattoo Charlie, IWW Unified Champion Mandrake, and IWW Owner/Promoter Simon Rochford at our table at the European Sports Conference in Downpatrick, North Ireland. That daper jacket in the empty chair is mine 🙂

A lot of these as you’ll see come from the European Sports Conference in Downpatrick, North Ireland.

I chose this for a reason.

Look at what you see. The SPORT of pro wrestling on display for suit and tie/fine dress wearing delegates of the US, Ireland, UK, Italy, Romania, Austria, Poland, France, etc as we call come together to create not only banter, but an experience. I could have never imagined living to have a moment such as this where a wrestling ring would share the same room as a 4 course fine meal; Wrestling at The Chase style. It was a humbling experience to be sure and really makes you realize the scope this business truly has. It warms my heart to no end to know that I now have brothers across oceans that I’d need passports to see.

ROOM 5 FOR LIFE~! And slingshot splashes for all the haters….(lol, sorry, that inside joke won’t get explained until the eventual Sugar D shoot vid in about eh…30 years. Gotta get my coke habit, 4 ex-wives, a release, and a DUI first :p)

If you wanna see more of just the splendor that was Ireland, I got two photo albums dedicated to it at http://www.facebook.com/sweetsugardunkerton

I look at it like a 9 day-dream that I couldn’t believe was real until I saw the pictures for myself. The Irish Whip tour was a blast and I appreciate their crew for making me feel so at home and challenging my in the ring. I feel stronger and sharper after hanging with you guys and I’m also going to bleed a little green from this point forward 😉


I do want to single out something that gave me chills at the show end. Piper’s promo about never holding the WWE title. Promos like that are why I hate the “scripted promo” stuff I hear about. If he was scripted, he transcended whatever was on paper. If there was no script, I’m not surprised. The emotion, delivery, and message was something so special and gave such a rub to the championship and to the title match for Orton and Barrett. Take notes.

It was cool to just see what was coming out of the hat next on this edition of RAW and the pacing, content, and replay value of it all is definitely up there. I intended to tune in for just a few minutes then peep Red Heat (GOVERNATOR~!), but I was gripped and couldn’t stop watching until the glorious end. Bravo. Any other feelings (and jokes) I had on it can be viewed via my Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/sugardunkerton

TRUE EMBARRASSING STORY FOLLOWS:  Naturally, I took many a photo with fans over in Ireland. Many for scrapbooks, newspapers, etc. HOWEVER…I had NO earthly idea until like the 6th or 7th day into my trip that a peace where your inner hand is facing you is an INSULT of high regard.

-Pause for laughter-

If I had the pigment to blush, your boy definitely would have been doing so.

In the States, a peace sign is a peace sign naturally; so no ill will was meant. Sadly, all I could do was think back to every picture I hit that kind of peace sign in and shaking my head. “HEY KIDS, TELL YOUR PARENTS UP YOURS! NOW SMILE!”

So much for my family friendly marketability…..but at least now I get why Desmond Wolfe (Have you seen him? Tell me have you seen him/seen him/Awwww!) throws his “peace” signs that way. Dirty pool, old man…

-My music store travels lead me to some quality music. I get a laugh thinking about how “underground” for the States is mainstream for Europe; and given what passes for mainstream here at times, I’ll play in the dirt for as long as possible. Tinie Tempah, Imelda May, The Script, Kasabian, The Heavy, Swedish House Mafia, and Devlin. All these guys are of differing genres (and so are my tastes), but research them and give em’ a listen, PLEASE. Lot of these guys aren’t readily available on our side of the pond, but deserve to be heard no doubt. A few standouts…

Miami 2 Ibiza – Tinie Tempah & Swedish House Mafia

Underdog – Kasabian

-Barbara Streisand by Duck Sauce rules you. That is all. Heard it in a gas station in Ballyfermont and have been hooked ever since.

– I deserve some sort of pat on the back. I managed to get an inflated basketball that was in my suitcase through Irish and US customs with no issue. Although, I don’t quite get why it’s harder to get INTO my own country as opposed to out of it :p

– For my PCW (http://www.platinumchampionshipwrestling.com) and Rampage Pro (http://www.rampageprowrestling.net)  fans, I’m far from done with EITHER organization. See you guys soon 🙂

– I hate to end this blog on a sort of perturbed note, but it begs to be mentioned. Recently, I wrote a blog for CHIKARA Pro in regards to the upcoming 8 man tag featuring the Soul Touchaz/Myself AKA The S&S Express vs BDK. Was shocked to find a comment or two around the way that mentioned “Quack can’t write black” etc etc…not the first time I’ve heard that about those blogs.

My blogs are 100% written by me and comments like that spark something in me that upsets me to no end. On a personal note, from time to time, people have called me the “whitest black guy they know”.

-Let it sink in-

So naturally, I want to know the basis. See, I didn’t know you could ACT like a color. Or race for that matter. I assumed we all just were, especially in 2010 where color of skin or background can’t hold you back from even something as mighty as a Presidency. Yet because I jump between “ebonically laced bravado” and well-spoken manner, have no prison record, choose not to carry myself like a stereotypical “thug” idiot (NOTICE, I said STEREOTYPICAL idiot. I’m in my own breed of idiocy thank you), and can find culture in anything and everything…I’m not BLACK enough?

Grow up. This is 2010, not 1864 and character is the only thing people can act/walk/talk/whatever like. Typecasting by color or background has to be the most ignorant thing to get popular since the pet rock.

I bleed red like you don’t I? 

– On a lighter note, I’m coming home to you CHIKARA Nov 20th and 21st in Easton and Philly respectively. Peep http://www.chikarapro.com for more details in their Events section.

I’m fortunate to watch you all bare witness to me hopefully become something great.

And if I don’t….don’t tell anybody. Keep it between us. I’m sure nobody’s watching or reading.  -wink-



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On The Rampage.

I’ll have a more in-depth blog later. For now, a few matches from my escapades with http://www.rampageprowrestling.com

vs. Cedric Johnson

vs Cru Jones

Enjoy! I’ll have a lot to talk about soon, including my first Young Lion’s tournament and the countdown to Ireland.

Later days.


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Sugar D! Where Have You Been?!

Busy would be the answer guys. For the CHIKArmy, it must seem like I’ve fallen off the face of the Earth, but I’m well and good. Working hard and staying busy around the Florida and Georgia scene, biding time til Young Lion’s in August! I’m mad excited getting to compete win all this flavor from around the country and the world; hoping to bring that cup home and dub myself “Young Mufasa” by the tournament’s end….oh I just can’t wait to be king 😉

Being away from the Midwest leg of CHIKARA’s run, I missed out on a chance to be under the same roof with Bryan Danielson; but as fate would have it, he’ll be in the house for Rampage Pro Wrestling’s Sizzlin’ Summer Bash this Saturday, July 31st in Warner Robins, Georgia.

RPW's Sizzlin Summer Bash Poster

I expect it to be a slam dunk of an event with the talent involved and perhaps me and ol’ Bryan D can share grooming tips…me on hair care, him on how to properly accessorize a tie :p

– Speaking of Rampage, I’ve been enjoying my time there since my debut early in the month and the product from an entertainment and wrestling standpoint is definitely worth your attention. www.rampageprowrestling.net is the place and you can catch their TV show online each and every week, you may recognize somebody you know scoring a big upset over half of Hot Like Lava, Cru Jones if you partake of the episode 🙂

That’s just a clip though what ya got up there. Gotta catch the show for the full thing brohams!

-Also, had the pleasure of being a guest on Hit The Ropes (www.hittheropes.com and had a blast with their crew and their other special guest Marti Belle (check her out on Twitter @martibelle, she’s such a sweetheart…even if her taste in NXT rookies is lacking.) The interview can be heard just down below if you’re up for it. I promise you, we’re all over the place on this, but it’s so worth it. I’m holding you to our playdate in Brooklyn, Marti…or I give you shortarm clothesline. -glare- Shouts to Matt AWESUM~!(@Mattawesum) for getting the deal done.

– Shoutout to Stacy “Kat” Carter and Sinn “Kizarny” Bodhi on getting shackl…I mean, joined in holy matrimony. I’ve only known them for a short time, but the two of them are such a good look and you can’t stereotype what happiness is or what it looks like. Ya’ll keep it together forever you two!


– Those who follow me on Twitter will know I’ve changed my workout to circuit training, and let me tell you, it’s WORK…but worth it. Results within mere weeks guys if you do what ya gotta. I’m trying to be in serious shape for YLC and beyond and a sound body makes for sound living. Put your time in, the gym is your friend. I’ll testify to that. I’ll admit, I’m a lazy one without the right playlist though lol. (Transformers soundtrack, Van Halen, Kanye, Street Sweeper Social Club, Daft Punk usually does the trick.)

– So who knew my Twitter would be worth watching on Tuesday nights?

Wanna give shouts to those who follow my unofficial commentary on WWE NXT on Tuesday nights and I’m glad the laughter and insight is contagious. NXT feels like the most “real” wrestling show on TV to me right now, because it comes off like they don’t want to hide the mistakes and it’s not micro-managed all to hell. It makes for great observations and apparently, great joke material by the looks of my replies on Tuesdays.

I’m often asked as well, so I’ll gladly answer….who I want to win, Percy Watson. Who will win….Leaning towards Mr. Perfect’s Son. (Refuse to call him by his slave WWE last name. No sir.)

hotchocolate.spreadshirt.com will be seeing updates to the merchandise VERY soon, keep an eye out, but feel free to nab some of the cool stuff already there!

– Manami Toyota in CHIKARA….color me interested if not dark.

– Question…thinking about getting new duds made soon? What FICTIONAL team should I have on my singlet style jersey? Throw me some ideas via Twitter (@sugerdunkerton) or comment on the blog. GO WILD!

-What’s good…Beck, Rick’s Ross’ new CD “Teflon Don”, Kanye West on Twitter, LeBron on a team that may get him a ring FINALLY, Inception, Salt, tiramisu, Silversun Pickups, being told you’re loved and believing it, Facebook inside jokes, “I like ya…and I want ya” bit from the Boondocks, Kyle Matthews of Rampage pro Wrestling being apart of the 4 way that includes J-Rod, Bryan Danielson, and Jimmy Rave. Too good to be such a secret to the indy scene at large.

What’s not hot….missing so much CHIKARA (WITHDRAWALS UGH), Lindsay Lohan news of any sort, BP STILL messing up, Twilight in any shape or form,  Lucky Cannon not being gone by now, The red ring o’ doom, people who wanna call you when you’re up, but no words when you were down.

Later days ya’ll. AUGUST IS COMIN’!


Ol’ boy Dunks

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