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You should watch this first before we continue. I’ll wait.

Good? Okay then.

People get funny when talk of change comes up. Usually you’re on one side or the other; resist or make the movement. We are each our own person and we gotta make our own choices as to which changes to battle and which ones to succumb to. The foolish ones are those who think they NEVER have to change.

Newsflash. You can’t escape it or help it. Comfort levels have expiration dates like anything else. You don’t have to make the change with everything, but you WILL have to do it on some level.

Which brings me to our little excerpt from “Layer Cake”. Change frightens people because they’re not sure what layer of the cake they’re gonna end up on. I’ve also noticed some are too scared to make the change to rise higher on the cake. Maybe they’re just used to their level. Who knows?

So here I am. Sitting in front of this Macbook with Kendrick Lamar’s “Section.80” album for mood music (if you’re late to the dance, find a copy. Most refreshing thing out of the Cali rap game yet) thinking about the changes I’ve gone through in my own life. Some I chose and some chosen for me. I lost a lot of things headed into 2012 and initially; I was angered at the thought of the things I knew being taken away. Then time passed. I stopped looking at the now and looked at what was ahead and answers became clear.

You can’t make space for the new without pushing out the old ūüėČ then you realize something with that change. The things you lose can and do get replaced; oftentimes better than what you had, but it’s all based on if you got the guts to know that you can have what was and then some. With that said, 2012 has been such a self-discovery as to who I am, what I want, and what else I can accomplish. I’m still as hungry as ever, but the focus isn’t as reckless as it once was. Yes folks, more than my hair has grown. This year is gonna be full of accomplishments and hard work for that next level in the layer cake, but with the sensibility to enjoy the little things and the special people around me who nurture and support me beyond those ropes. Not ashamed to say my personal life plagued me with situations I created for myself and others people created for me. That time is over.

So if you’re out there reading this and wondering when your change is gonna come, here’s your indication. It’s happening as soon as you make it. YOU are the fuse. Now spark it.

The worst of times included:

-A person I was so close with turning into someone I don’t know or care to know anymore.

-A close friend of mine betraying trust in a major way.

-Working 3 jobs just to be broke.

-Sitting on the verge of calling it quits for a business that I’ve loved forever.

-General self-doubt in my own being

-The loss of my dear friend, Brittany Berry.

It felt like one thing after another. Yet here we are. Money in the bank (shawty what ya drank), a site and movement in Brittany’s honor (Do It For Brittany), finding out just how strong some wonderful friendships and people have run in my life, and just learning to appreciate things on a level I didn’t know I could. No dark clouds, just new goals ūüôā I’m still here and I’m hoping if you got ills in your life, you’ll push to overcome too.

And I owe so much of it to you. Yea, you. Scrolling down this post as we speak. You kept me going. Cheered me on, texted me, Facebooked me, emailed me, hung out with me, whatever you had to do to make sure your mark on me was positive. You pushed me to change that I NEEDED. You’ve shown me a better way. I’m motivated to make something happen because of you. And I will.

So with all the deeply introspective uber-personal type stuff out the way, lets talk some other issues yes?

RESISTANCE Pro's Vicious Circle on 2/17!

I’m rather excited for RESISTANCE Pro. Can’t even lie. They were the perfect segue-way regarding my talk about changes. There’s something so very different about the kind of company RESISTANCE is, helping it stand out like the CHIKARA Pro’s and Beyond Wrestling’s of the world. From the talent they use to the way they carry themselves, it’s something worth watching. People have been commenting for a bit at how my general style in the ring has grown and matured. My travels and a pair of open ears have opened up some new ways of doing what I love. Outlets like Beyond Wrestling’s Tournament for Tomorrow, EVOLVE 9, and others have been slowly trickling out more and more of my capabilities. RESISTANCE may end up seeing them unleashed and in a way the world may not be expecting. If there was ever a time to display the changes I’ve been speaking and writing about, Chicago will be the place.

Make sure you bring yourself early for the meet and greet they’ve got on deck as well! I know a lot of you have been asking when I’d be on my way back to Chi-town and this would be that time. Lets take advantage and share some positive vibes yea?

-Good riddance to SOPA & PIPA. I get what they were TRYING to do; you just can’t leave yourself that kinda room in the writing to recreate “1984” (Orwell mentions in a Sugar D blog….NO WAY!?!?) on the internet. I propose my own bill for that whole situation. I call it, “Let’s not and say we did”. Any takers?

-I gotta say, the NBA has really turned it up since doing this accelerated season to make up for the lockout. You’re really getting a sense for who’s out to play these days. In keeping with the change theme, the powerhouse “old guards” of the Celtics and the Lakers don’t look like the usual locks to win everytime anymore. It’s looking like a really open frontier for hoops this season and playoff time is gonna be rather on point.

EWF’s X8 Tournament will be taking place March 17th in Converse, Indiana. Get your tickets ASAP and please believe I’m looking mad forward to show some more Midwest love. This would also mark my first tournament of 2012 so I’m hoping to make a strong accounting for myself. Lets see what kind of tricks I’ve got up my sleeves (or would it be wristbands?) for this one.

Check out my words for the tournament.

-You are bound to know people who don’t know how to do “simple”. Complicated is what they do and it may drive you up the wall. My advice? If there brand of complicated don’t lead to ANYTHING productive, why dedicate the energy? Your sanity is a precious resource and is also subject to damage beyond repair, ya dig? Keep that in mind the next time you do a 12 round argument with a fool.

-Billy Roc’s “School Of Roc: Class Wars”. Watch and support this program.

I’ve had the pleasure of wrestling Billy Roc at Dragon Gate’s Indianapolis event last year. He’s as nice as he is talented, which he has in abundance. With that said, I’ve had the pleasure of crossing paths with many of his students and I’ve been impressed with their general work ethic and pure potential. This show will hopefully give you a glimpse into that.

-A word before Valentine’s Day. If one day on the calendar is the best you’ve got when it comes to showing how much you love someone, rethink your strategy.

Like any exercise or talent, it takes repetition and a performance stronger than the last to be done correctly. Don’t wait to be given an okay to do so. I’ve never heard “just because” being a reason why someone got mad at a grand gesture by their loved one. So I hope the couples, soon to be couple, singles, and those of the awkward relationship status find their way of enjoying V-Day. I’d hope they just find ways of doing it more consistently. Now go put on some Barry White and do something inappropriate!

Sugar Dunkerton is not responsible for any repercussions of said inappropriate behavior.

-Big thank you to www.barbershopwindow.com for carrying my lovely “Fresh Since 85” shirt! It was great working with them on the project and if you’re a fan of wrestling and WELL put together shirts, you wanna sink some coin into The Barbershop Window. Check em’ out.

-I made a comment on a recent PWPonderings.com podcast (Get your listen on HERE) where I let it be known that some of the idols and inspirations I’ve come to meet during my travels weren’t all they were cracked up to be. Some for better, some for worse.

It’s a funny thing when you reach heights that you’ve been clawing for. Oftentimes, you get an image in your head of what the view would look like. So to reach that peak and realize the view was a waste of the effort can be a crushing thing. So as a word to the “worse” I’ve met on my travels; if your love is lacking to the point where you place yourself above what happens between the ropes, the fans who put money into you, and the decency to show general respect to those that respect you…why are you here? What purpose do you serve?

You not only ruin what the game is about; you ruin the feeling for those who look up to you. The future who wants to achieve and hopefully surpass the groundwork you laid. The irony is, some of the cats I speak of are bitter at the guys coming up in the business; yet have themselves to blame for being the crappy example they had to look up to. Set an example. Create positive change via your own action. Inspire.

-Get well Jesse Sorenson and Dustin Rayz. Not much detail to get into on that one.

-Guess I’m signing off by saying that in a few days time, I add another year to my life. I’m excited for it and above all I feel good in a way I didn’t know I could. Still hungry, still strong, and getting BETTER instead of older. There were things that were and now they’re not. I’m okay with that. You can only deal with what’s in your circle after all right? Enjoy the hand you’ve been dealt until the next one comes your way. That’s EXACTLY what I intend to do and i hope you intend to do the same. I got faith that you can. As usual, keep up with my escapades on the ol’ Twitter and keep supporting me. I’m a great return on that kind of investment ūüėČ

And now I leave you with this….

You may wonder what the heck that has to do with this blog. Well, absolutely nothing at all. I just find it amusing. Besides, DO YOU SEE THOSE DANCES MOVES ON FLYNT FLOSSY?!

-Moonwalks out of frame-


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Formula 51


STILL recovering after an amazing trip to Ireland. I wrestled 16 matches in the span of 9 days and that can certainly take a lot out of a man. The rest has been good though, giving me a chance to catchup on some good music and my neglected DVD collection, but the itch is setting in and I’ll get my first scratch on November 20th at CHIKARA’s¬†Scornucopia¬†event in Easton, PA. I don’t think I can even put into proper words how excited I am to be back in effect. It gets even better when I heard I’ll be doing my thing alongside none other than¬†Da Soul Touchaz at that.

Da Soul Touchaz

Da Soul Touchaz in full effect, rocking red velvet cake colors.

My first time ever seeing Da Soul Touchaz was the 2008 installment of the King of Trios.  I was hooked from the promo, but it was obvious these cats had style for days and were exciting to watch in the ring. To see the kind of reaction they were getting in just two matches and how badly the crowd wanted to see them do in F.I.S.T. always makes for good viewing to me. My travels would later lead to me getting to actually meet them in Illinois for an IWA-Mid South show; Rockett, Trauma, and C Red being the representers that night. They proved to be as cool as I expected and I vividly remember the epic crossover contest in the locker room between Marshe and of all people, Egotistico Fantastico. Just WOW. lol

But back on track, it’s gonna be a blast getting to team with a squad of their caliber and it’s gonna be all win for the fans in attendance¬†when they get to see such a splendiforus¬†event (credit: Chappelle’s¬†Show) for themselves live; S&S about to crank this thang up.

-Ireland was a real blast and it was so cool to experience a different culture for a little while. It’s an awesome hybrid of the old and historical, fused with shiny and new. I can also confirm that the fields are as green and vivid as I pictured them.

Speaking of pictures….¬†¬†¬†


Guinness' for the boys. Mandrake(Ireland), Simon(Ireland). Me(US), Shock(Italy), Tristan Archer(France), Joey Hayes(England), Danny Hope(England), CJ Banks(England)...DEM ROOM 5 BOYS~!

USA's Sugar Dunkerton and Italy's Shock

The US' Sugar Dunkerton and Italy's Shock showing proper respect post match. Beautiful thing when two native countrymen from different countries can do what they love in another country they're not native to.


European Sports Conference in Down, North Ireland

Walter Alexander, Tattoo Charlie, IWW Unified Champion Mandrake, and IWW Owner/Promoter Simon Rochford at our table at the European Sports Conference in Downpatrick, North Ireland. That daper jacket in the empty chair is mine ūüôā

A lot of these as you’ll see come from the European Sports Conference in Downpatrick, North Ireland.

I chose this for a reason.

Look at what you see. The SPORT of pro wrestling on display for suit and tie/fine dress wearing delegates of the US, Ireland, UK, Italy, Romania, Austria, Poland, France, etc as we call come together to create not only banter, but an experience. I could have never imagined living to have a moment such as this where a wrestling ring would share the same room as a 4 course fine meal; Wrestling at The Chase style. It was a humbling experience to be sure and really makes you realize the scope this business truly has. It warms my heart to no end to know that I now have brothers across oceans that I’d need passports to see.

ROOM 5 FOR LIFE~! And slingshot splashes for all the haters….(lol, sorry, that inside joke won’t get explained until the eventual Sugar D shoot vid in about eh…30 years. Gotta get my coke habit, 4 ex-wives, a release, and a DUI first :p)

If you wanna see more of just the splendor that was Ireland, I got two photo albums dedicated to it at http://www.facebook.com/sweetsugardunkerton

I look at it like a 9 day-dream¬†that I couldn’t believe was real until I saw the pictures for myself. The Irish Whip tour was a blast and I appreciate their crew for making¬†me feel so at home and challenging my in the ring. I feel stronger and sharper after hanging with you guys and I’m also going to bleed a little green from this point forward ūüėČ


I do want to single out something that gave me chills at the show end. Piper’s promo about never holding the WWE¬†title. Promos like that are why I hate the “scripted promo” stuff I hear about. If he was scripted, he transcended whatever was on paper. If there was no script, I’m not surprised. The emotion, delivery, and message was something so special and gave such a rub to the championship and to the title match for Orton and Barrett. Take notes.

It was cool to just see what was coming out of the hat next on this edition of RAW and the pacing, content, and replay value of it all is definitely up there. I intended to tune in for just a few minutes then peep Red Heat (GOVERNATOR~!), but I was gripped and couldn’t stop watching until the glorious end. Bravo. Any other feelings (and jokes) I had on it can be viewed via my Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/sugardunkerton

TRUE EMBARRASSING STORY FOLLOWS:¬† Naturally, I took many a photo with fans over in Ireland. Many for scrapbooks, newspapers, etc. HOWEVER…I had NO earthly idea until like the 6th or 7th day into my trip that a peace where your inner hand is facing you is an INSULT of high regard.

-Pause for laughter-

If I had the pigment to blush, your boy definitely would have been doing so.

In the States, a peace sign is a peace sign naturally; so no ill will was meant. Sadly, all I could do was think back to every picture I hit that kind of peace sign in and shaking my head. “HEY KIDS, TELL YOUR PARENTS UP YOURS! NOW SMILE!”

So much for my family friendly marketability…..but at least now I get why Desmond Wolfe (Have you seen him? Tell me have you seen him/seen him/Awwww!) throws his “peace” signs that way. Dirty pool, old man…

-My¬†music store travels lead me to some quality music. I get a laugh thinking about how “underground” for the States is mainstream for Europe; and given what passes for mainstream here at times, I’ll play in the dirt for as long as possible. Tinie¬†Tempah, Imelda May, The Script, Kasabian, The Heavy, Swedish House Mafia, and Devlin. All these guys are of differing genres (and so are my tastes), but research them and give¬†em’ a listen, PLEASE. Lot of these guys aren’t readily available on our side of the pond, but deserve to be heard no doubt. A few standouts…

Miami 2 Ibiza РTinie Tempah & Swedish House Mafia

Underdog – Kasabian

-Barbara Streisand by Duck Sauce rules you. That is all. Heard it in a gas station in Ballyfermont and have been hooked ever since.

– I deserve some sort of pat on the back. I managed to get an inflated basketball that was in my suitcase through Irish and US customs with no issue. Although, I don’t quite get why it’s¬†harder to get INTO my own country as opposed to out of it :p

– For my PCW (http://www.platinumchampionshipwrestling.com)¬†and Rampage Pro (http://www.rampageprowrestling.net) ¬†fans, I’m far from done with EITHER organization. See you guys soon ūüôā

– I hate to end this blog on a sort of perturbed¬†note, but it begs to be mentioned. Recently, I wrote a blog for CHIKARA¬†Pro in regards to the upcoming 8 man tag featuring the Soul Touchaz/Myself AKA The S&S Express vs BDK. Was shocked to find a comment or two around the way that mentioned “Quack can’t write black” etc etc…not the first time I’ve heard that about those blogs.

My blogs are 100% written by me and comments like that spark something in me that upsets me to no end. On a personal note, from time to time, people have called me the “whitest black guy they know”.

-Let it sink in-

So naturally, I want to know the basis. See, I didn’t know you could ACT like a color. Or race for that matter. I assumed we all just were, especially in 2010 where color of skin or background can’t hold you back from even something as mighty as a Presidency. Yet because I jump between “ebonically laced bravado” and well-spoken manner, have no prison record, choose not to carry myself like a stereotypical “thug” idiot (NOTICE, I said STEREOTYPICAL idiot. I’m in my own breed of idiocy thank you), and can find culture in anything and everything…I’m not BLACK enough?

Grow up. This is 2010, not 1864 and character is the only thing people can act/walk/talk/whatever like. Typecasting by color or background has to be the most ignorant thing to get popular since the pet rock.

I bleed red like you don’t I?¬†

– On a lighter note, I’m coming home to you CHIKARA Nov 20th and 21st in Easton and Philly respectively. Peep¬†http://www.chikarapro.com for more details in their Events section.

I’m fortunate to watch you all bare witness to me¬†hopefully become something great.

And if I don’t….don’t tell anybody. Keep it between us. I’m sure nobody’s watching or reading. ¬†-wink-



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